Meet Logan

by Kerri Silverthorn   |   Fri, Jan 8th, 2021

Logan receives Early Intervention (EI) services from the TuscBDD EI Team, and his mom wants you to know:

"Logan Was born 16 weeks early and had multiple complications. His EI team has been with him since he came home from the hospital and has helped him each step of the way. He had a rough start to walking due to his leg muscles being affected by brain bleeds that he developed in the hospital. But with the help of his EI team, he has taken off and is running everywhere! Logan loves all things outdoors, trucks, reading and playing ball. We are blown away by his progress and so thankful for this program!" ~ Lisa Smith

Does your child need Early Intervention (EI)? You can get an assessment. EI can hep children that have trouble with moving, sitting, seeing, hearing, thinking, talking or playing. EI is a partner of Help Me Grow. EI is a free service funded primarily through local levy dollars for qualifying families through The Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (TuscBDD). Anyone can make a referral by calling 1-800-755-4769. 

Kerri Silverthorn Fri, Jan 8th, 2021