Jarrod and Lewis Received their Vaccine

by Kerri Silverthorn   |   Wed, Feb 3rd, 2021

Jarrod and Lewis Received their Vaccine

Jarrod and Lewis Recently Received their COVID-19 Vaccine  

Chris Sapp is the mother to Jarrod Sapp, a man that receives services through the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Chris recalls her experience with getting Jarrod’s vaccine administered at the Tuscarawas County Health Department:

“Registration was easy online, and they called me to make the appointment. The experience was super convenient; we didn’t even have to get out of the vehicle. Jarrod uses a wheelchair, so we used a transportation service to get us there. I put his jacket on backwards and tucked it in around him and his wheelchair like a blanket. This kept Jarrod warm while getting the shot. I was impressed that the nurse did not hesitate at all to come into the van to administer his vaccine. This was helpful because it allowed for him to stay warm inside the van. Afterward, we waited for 15 minutes. They checked on us twice during that time and then we were free to go home. He had a sore arm, but he didn’t seem to have any other symptoms. Jarrod’s habits and seizure patterns will change if he isn’t feeling well, and there was nothing out the ordinary about his regular habits. I am happy to report that there has been no change in his seizure pattern from any side effects from the shot.”

Lewis Wardell is one of three home health aides for Jarrod. Lewis got his vaccine at the Tuscarawas County Health Department about three weeks ago. He shared that he had a sore arm afterward and felt tired for a few days. But other than those common symptoms, he was okay and happy to get his shot. Lewis will receive his second dose next week.

***Photo was taken pre-pandemic***

Kerri Silverthorn Wed, Feb 3rd, 2021