Healthy Relationships Series - Issue One

by Kerri Silverthorn   |   Wed, Feb 17th, 2021

Healthy Relationships Series - Issue One: Communicating With the Ones You Love

Communication is an important part of any relationship, but sometimes it seems like communicating with the ones we love is more challenging than chatting with a stranger. There are several important components involved in healthy, successful communication. Knowing what impedes good communication, understanding how to effectively communicate, and paying close attention to nonverbal cues are all key factors.

Barriers to Effective Communication:

  • No focus: Avoid distractions and refrain from multitasking.
  • Uncontrolled emotions and stress: You can easily misread people and project confusing body language when exhibiting out-of-control emotions.
  • Negative and inconsistent body language: Sending confusing or negative messages with your posture and facial expressions negates your verbal meaning.

Communicating Effectively

Communicating with a loved one is about more than words. Maintaining a healthy relationship plays a major role in effective communication. Apply these 5 tips to improve your friendship or relationship.

  1. Spend quality time together
  2. Be an engaged listener
  3. Be clear and tell your partner or friend what you need
  4. Keep your stress under control and know there will be ups & downs
  5. Add intimacy- a strong sense of trust in a friendship and romance in a relationship

Pay Attention to Nonverbal Communication

The way you react, look, listen, and move reinforces verbal communication. Nonverbal communication can include facial expressions, eye contact, touch, space, voice, or body movement.

Everyone deserves to have people in their life that they love. Meaningful relationships can be tough to navigate but they are essential to a happy and healthy life. During this month of love, check out for more tips and information on healthy relationships.

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Kerri Silverthorn Wed, Feb 17th, 2021