Meet Cece: Early Intervention Graduate

by Kerri Silverthorn   |   Thu, Feb 18th, 2021

Cece was born 9 weeks early, weighed 2 lbs., & spent 36 days in the NICU.

Cece receives Early Intervention (EI) services from the TuscBDD EI Team, and her family wants you to know:

"Help Me Grow and TuscBDD Early Intervention has changed our lives! In February 2020, we started our journey with Early Intervention when Cece had just turned one. She was barely sitting up on her own, wasn't interested in moving on from baby food, and didn't hold her own bottle. It has been a year since we began with EI, and Cece is the most fearless 2 year old I have ever seen! She is so smart and is very particular about how she likes everything to go in her day-to-day schedule. She eats everything you can name that most toddlers wouldn't even touch, she understands everything you ask her, and she can respond to yes or no questions / this or that questions. She climbs everything under the sun and would jump off a mountain if I'd let her. EI taught us how to handle certain situations better and how to better communicate with Cece.

Not only has my daughter gained confidence in herself, but I've gained confidence in myself as a mom. EI showed me how it's okay to not be a perfect mom. I feel like in my daughters eyes, I am the perfect mom for her. Some parents struggle to see success, but as long as my daughter is happy then I am happy. Early Intervention and Help Me Grow taught me that, and I think that has been our key to all of our daughter's success this year.

My daughter might be small, but she is very brave, smart, and fearless! Thank you so much for this opportunity with Early Intervention. Although I am sad that our time with Early intervention is over, I'm happy and proud that I get to brag that my daughter graduated from the program within one year! All thanks to our wonderful TuscBDD Early Intervention friends Kari and Amy!"

~ The Cavanaugh Family

Kerri Silverthorn Thu, Feb 18th, 2021