Meeting People and Making Friends

by Kerri Silverthorn   |   Fri, Mar 5th, 2021

Meeting People and Making Friends: Issue Three

Healthy Relationships Series - Issue 3: Meeting People and Making Friends

Having strong relationships is key to a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not always easy to find and form these bonds, especially in adulthood. You’ve likely heard the song, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t explain how to make new friends. When it comes to forming friendships, you should look for someone who:

  • Has similar interests
  • Accepts you for who you are
  • Listens attentively without judging or dismissing you
  • Makes you feel comfortable sharing things about yourself and, in turn, feels comfortable sharing with you

Finding that spark with a new friend is an amazing feeling. Quality friendships can improve your mood and lower stress/depression, help you achieve your goals and support you through tough times, and improve your mood and build your self-worth!

Focus on how a budding friendship makes you feel, not on how it looks. You can create, strengthen, and maintain your new friendship by being a good friend. Be a good listener, give your friend space, and be forgiving.

But what about when you’re looking for the one? Try applying these six tips for success in the dating pool!

  • Build a connection
  • Have fun
  • Handle rejection gracefully
  • Watch for red flags
  • Make trust a priority and handle issues that arise
  • Nurture the relationship!

Everyone deserves to have people in their life that they love. Meaningful relationships can be tough to navigate, but they are essential to a happy and healthy life. Check out for more information on making friends and for advice on finding love.

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Kerri Silverthorn Fri, Mar 5th, 2021