TuscBDD Provides Early Intervention (EI) Services at No Cost to Eligible Families

Mon, Oct 1st, 2018


TuscBDD Provides Early Intervention (EI) Services at No Cost to Eligible Families

New Philadelphia, September 18, 2018: At the September 2018 regularly scheduled board meeting for the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (TuscBDD), the Board approved the revision to policy 3.1 Early Intervention (EI). EI is a partnership developed to offer help to parents and families when there are concerns with their child's development. The revised policy was completed to reflect the state rule, which removes the 240 day statute and opens up the service to a year-round delivery model. “EI services are already offered through TuscBDD on a year-round basis,” expressed TuscBDD’s Superintendent, Nate Kamban. “TuscBDD recognizes that families need services in the summer and around winter holidays, so we will continue to offer that service to those in need,” furthered Kamban. Furthermore, the Board discussed the importance of EI services after reviewing visual media material produced for state accreditation purposes. “Early Intervention is invaluable to children and their families because for many that are struggling with multiple medical or developmental diagnoses, EI becomes the support needed for a child to learn to sit-up, walk, or even talk,” stated TuscBDD’s Starlight School Principal, Holly Lawver. “EI provides the family with the strength and support that they need to push their child to their full potential.”

Additionally, The Board discussed the importance of securing funding for programs like EI, which is not a state mandated service. EI is a service offered by TuscBDD to eligible Tuscarawas County residents at no charge. Because starting therapies and supports at such a young age can prevent future need for such services, TuscBDD feels it is a pertinent program. “EI services are primarily funded with local levy dollars. In addition to levies, Title XX provides some funding for EI as well,” explained Kamban. “We at TuscBDD are so thankful to our generous community for supporting vital programs like EI,” furthered Kamban.

Other decisions made from the September Board meeting include the following:

  • Two additional Board policies were revised and approved: 1.18 Volunteer Services and 8.4 Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR).
  •  A Donation in the amount of $204.00 was accepted from the First National Bank of Dennison employees to TuscBDD, and a donation in the amount of $16.00 was accepted from Carol R. Rieger to TuscBDD.