Behavior Support Training

About the Instructor

Mr. Ben Kolbrich, MS, LBS, BCBA, COBA  holds a Master of Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis and has been working with children for over 16 years. 

Materials & Quizzes

Find here lesson materials that support the training videos. Additionally, you can test your knowledge. Upload the module quiz, and mail your completed quiz to

Module 1: ABC Continuous Recording Data Sheet Module1: Scatter Plot Module 1: Scatter Plot Data Collection Module 1: Scatter Plot Data Collection Example 2 Module 1: Quiz - Functional Behavior Assessment Module 2: Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Module 2: Developing a Behavior Intervention (BIP) Plan Quiz Module 3: Data Collection Sheet Practice Module 3: Introduction to Measuring Behaviors/Data Collection Quiz DIY Sensory Toolkit
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