Eligibility Information

How do you know if you're eligible for services?

Eligibility FAQ

1. How is an individual determined to be eligible for Services?

An individual requesting services, 10 years of age and over, must be determined eligible through the administration of the Ohio Level of Care Assessment. Support must be needed in at least three of the seven life domains assessed. These domains include: Mobility, Self-Care, Self-Direction, Capacity for Independent Living, Economic Proficiency (16 and over), Learning/Cognition. Children, ages 6 through 9 must be determined eligible through administration of the  Functional Assessment. For children ages 6 through 9, support must be needed in at least three of the domains listed above, excluding Economic Proficiency.

2. Can an individual be determined eligible after the age of 22?

Yes. However, it must be established that the persons disability existed prior to the age of 22.

3. How do I start the eligibility determination process?

The eligibility determination process can be started by contacting Beth Starkey, the Introduction and Eligibility Service & Support Administrator, by phone at (330) 308-7172 or email at bstarkey@tuscbdd.org and expressing a desire to have a determination completed.

4. What documentation needs to be provided in order to support an eligibility determination?

A diagnosis verification form needs to be completed and signed by a licensed clinician to confirm a qualifying diagnosis. Other documentation may be requested such as an IEP and ETR from the local school district, pyschological evaluation, medical evaluation or other relevant information. 

5. Does the County Board of DD pay for psychological evaluations to be completed as part of the determination process?

No. It is the responsibility of the individual and their supports to provide the needed documentation of a qualifying diagnosis.

6. The Social Security Administration had a psychological evaluation completed to establish benefits. Can that psychological report be used?

If the psychological report in question has been completed in the past two years it may be used. However, most psychological reports completed by the Social Security Administration are their property as they have paid for the evaluation to be completed. It is the individual or their supports responsibility to contact Social Security and request a copy.

7. Is a person ever automatically eligible for services do to having a specific qualifying diagnosis?

No. Regardless of any qualifying diagnosis the eligibility process must still completed. If an individual does not have the three substantial functional limitations required they will not be eligible regardless of a given diagnosis.

Clinician Verification Birth to Age 9 Clinician Verification Form Ages 10+