We are here to ensure that these residents have available to them the programs, services and supports necessary to help them enjoy a fuller, richer life.

Regardless of our size, name, and funding sources, our product has remained the same ~ quality services to eligible individuals for all life stages:

  • Early Intervention (Children)
  • Preschool (Children)
  • School Age (Children)
  • Vocational Habilitation (Adult)
  • Day Habilitation (Adult)
  • Supported Employment (Adult)
  • Activities (Adult)
  • Transportation
  • Service & Support Administration (SSA)
  • Family Support
  • Residential

What We Believe

We believe in the individual freedom and opportunity to choose the supports and services you need. Over the years, the ways in which we deliver these services may change. But one thing will never change — the caring and concern our staff members have for each individual. When you become a part of our program, you become a member of our family.