How Ohio Shared Living is Changing Lives

by Kerri Silverthorn   |   Mon, Jun 28th, 2021

Sometimes people with developmental disabilities form such a wonderful relationship with their direct support professional staff (DSP) that they become like family, and that is how Ohio Shared Living (OSL) began. OSL is a service option where the caregiver and the person receiving services share a home; the paid caregiver is certified through the state of Ohio. For OSL to be successful, caregivers and people with developmental disabilities both make long-term commitments to sharing a home and being a part of the family, resulting in lifelong relationships.

Luke, a man who receives TuscBDD services, now participates in OSL. Luke was already receiving homemaker-personal care/direct support services from a local provider called Starlight Enterprises Inc. (SEI) where he formed a close relationship with a DSP named Gloria. DSPs are caregivers that can provide a wide range of personalized services that help people in their everyday life. During this time, Luke suffered a family loss and discovered that he would need support from his friend Gloria now more than ever. 

While Luke grappled with the many changes he was enduring, he continued to receive services from Starlight Enterprises Inc (SEI). Today, Gloria provides Luke with all the DSP care he needs through OSL as well as many new opportunities to explore. “Through Gloria and Luke’s relationship, Luke is playing Challenger Baseball, independently go-cart riding, fishing, becoming a cornhole master, a camper guru, and a food critic. After a loss and many changes and challenges, Luke is thriving once more and living a great life,” expressed TuscBDD SSA, Stacy Savage. “No one will ever replace a person’s family but having people in your life to call family again and a place to call home is a good runner up.”

Kerri Silverthorn Mon, Jun 28th, 2021