Highway to Success: Meet Kim Byrd

by Kerri Silverthorn   |   Tue, Nov 23rd, 2021

No star has a straight, easy line to success. The same is true for Kim Byrd- a person who receives services from TuscBDD and is employed at our local Speedway!

Life is not without its difficulties- something Kim Byrd knows all too well. When she first attended a Board of Developmental Disabilities vocational program, she was residing in a community group home. As Kim put in the time and work, she saw her opportunities improve and her skillset grow.

Today, Kim has family nearby in Mineral City and is a graduate of the Tusky Valley School District. With the right services and supports, Kim was able to learn and gain confidence through volunteer opportunities. It was in these roles that she met Stacy Savage, a Service and Support Administrator (SSA) at the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The two women have since formed a strong and supportive friendship.

Kim has worked hard for her success. She has had three community jobs and is thriving in her role at Speedway. Kim is a cashier and spends her days helping customers, chatting with patrons and coworkers, handling monetary exchanges, and restocking the store. She enjoys her job and has high praise from management and co-workers alike. Over the past six or seven years, Kim has gained confidence and skills through her services and supports, SSA relationship, and community employment experience to be successful where she is today.

Kim is happy to have a fulfilling job that allows her to earn the resources she needs to live independently. Even though Kim lives on her own, she often visits and helps out her mom and dad at their home. Stacy was happy to describe Kim as a hardworking, vibrant young woman. If you see Kim at Speedway next time you’re fueling up, be sure to say, “Hello”!

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Kerri Silverthorn Tue, Nov 23rd, 2021